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hat is tentoepet? a word game that is simple: change one letter in a word to create a new word but change that one letter by one space in the alphabet. the sequence "ten-toe-pet" bears this out: change the "n" in ten to "o" and arrange the letters to produce toe; then change the "o" in toe to "p" and arrange the letters to produce pet. tentoepet also sounds like a fun nickname for your "better half" or "significant other."

a few rules (aren't there always rules?): scrabble words only, ie, no proper nouns, english, no acronyms, etc. words in a run or chain cannot be repeated. see variations for, well, variations.

here are a few "chains" or "runs" of words; i've found four-letter words are easiest, followed by three-letter words, although i've found several links using the five letters e-a-r-t-h (see below).

ten, toe, pet
grasp, sharp, pairs
safer, rages, fears, gears, shear, earth, great, after, feast, stage, haste, heart, grate, gates, hates

anyone with a better vocabulary (and i'm sure you're out there) would do better at this than me.

any and all input is welcome...well, maybe not all input. i'll be adding content as i think of it. after all, these runs have been, well, running in my head for years; it's gonna take awhile to type them all.