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the idea behind tentoepet began years ago in a dark movie theater waiting for the movie to start. i stared at the only word in the place: exit (this was before the unending commercials we now tolerate in movie houses). the thought jumped out: what can i do with the word "exit"? for some serendipitous reason i thought of trying to create new words from it by changing a letter by one space in the alphabet. great idea, huh? except that it was a washout - all i could come up with, then and to this day, are three words but changing two letters by one space in the alphabet: wise, tidy and they. if you can find a one letter match for exit, you're a better man (or woman) than me.

through the years, this little word game has fascinated me; i always play this little game when i see words, always looking for runs or chains. i just never wrote them down - 'til now.

it was only a few years ago that i found the tentoepet run and thought it was a perfect name for the game - mainly because it's the only one i've found that sounds like english...i mean, does "grasp sharp pairs" mean anything? i admit i am partial to "few ewe wed." i mean, that is true, isn't it?

any scrabble player would enjoy this, as well as anyone who plays jumble, another word game i've always loved.

a few insights after doing this for so many years:
it's amazing how many possible combinations of letters aren't words...like the vast majority of them.
how pronounciations change (low, mow, now).
how seemingly mismatched words are created, like friend to fiends.